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Originally Posted by sammniamii
Wow... intersting. I was wondering if anybody had gotten a true "sample" pack. Also sounds like some of the issues with his product still need to be tweaked alittle. And you/he are right about the 15g barely able to fill a bowl - i have a TINY bowl and still able to cram in 15-20 grams. As nice as it would have been to see if Smiley changed anything for the best, I'm not horribly surprised. Bummer...
Basically I felt that since I had nothing but bad experiences with Smiley products (although I bought some stuff from the Narghile Club that went well) it would be fairer to leave the review of the sample to a friend of mine from my club. I figured that since he had no prior experience with Smiley the review would be more honest.

Your right about the sample size in that my smallest bowl holds exactly 15 grams and I know a lot of people that only use medium funnels and other large bowls. Since smoking is a social activity a lot of people use rigs with 2 or more hoses. The sample mentioned in the newest review lasted 35 minutes and with 2 people the session would be too short to be worth the trouble of set up and cleaning. By contrast you can get a fantastic cigar for 3-6$ which would last a full hour or any number of very high quality 45-60 minute long narghile sessions using really great shisha can be had for $1.50-3 so out side of the occasional impulse purchase I donít see anyone buying Smiley products.

Maybe one day Smiley will get everything sorted out but frankly Iím having a hard time seeing how he could ever justify his price.
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