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Default Narghile of Fantastic Size

My cousin called today to tell me about his visit to a restaurant in Goa ( he recently got a job working at Mormumago Port for a shipping company) which has an amazing/ridiculous narghile ( huqqa is I think the local term) which he tried. The thing is something like 7 feet tall and about 2 and a half feet in diameter with six hoses. It seems to be made out brass and crystal with a bowl that holds a whole a whole tub of some sort of local Shisha like material. Apparently, loading the bowl requires a short ladder and takes quite a while. God only knows how you fill it with water or clean such a beast.

My cousin is not a big tobacco fan but he is not hostile to it either and he knows I like hearing about this sort of thing so he tried it out and reported back. Basically he said the smoke tasted like cinnamon, cardamon and jasmine which he thought was too strange to enjoy. Apparently, the other patrons thought it was a lot of fun and love the taste of what ever they smoked.

The whole rig sounds crazy to me and it must be insanely expensive to buy such a thing. Has anyone else ever heard of such a thing?
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