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Default Re: The "Healthy Hookah Hose" by...

ahhhh... now we are talkin.

I was ( still should be) a pipe carver... I have a bunch of stem blanks still laying around...

I did make a a few for mine back when.... I one with churchwarden stem and then a shorter on..

It would be nice to mass produce them... but the problem is that tenon size varies from hose to hose.... its even difficult to make a "military style tenon" that works across the board.

Maybe I should switch gears and put the lathe to use making hose tips and connections that are sleeved with brass tubing on the inside of the wood for cleaning... and then have a connection on both pieces that will accept a common plastic line. People could then use a textile hose cover to hide the cheap plastic tubing... a 100% washable hose.

BTW... since the whole vulcanite thing raised its head.... Im gonna throw up a few pics of some of the past pipes Ive made... hope this isnt too much of a re-run for some of you...

I have got to get my shit together and get back into that..... now I know what Im doing this weekend.... Im taking a piece of deer antler and a stem blank and make a kick ass rustic hose.

Sorry if Ive gone astray too much here... carry on.
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