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Default Re: warning for natural coals

Originally Posted by golemjk View Post
I just anted to let everyone know that lighting natural coals on their stove can be dangerous. Last night I setup two of my hookahs because we had some friends over. I put some natural coals on the stove like normal while I was getting everything together. I had a windows cracked and I wasn't using more coal than usual.
Everything was fine for about an hour and then the carbon monoxide alarm started screaming. I hit the hush button a couple of times thinking it was a false alarm but it was 2 am and it was going off every 5-10 minutes. After 45 minutes or so I finally called the fire department. At around 5, they finally finished checking the things than needed to be checked and we believe the carbon monoxide was from the hookah coals.
The alarm is set to sound when carbon monoxide levels are at 32 ppm (35 being is known to be extremely harmful to people and pets). That means we were in the danger zone or close for about an hour.
I just wanted to let everyone know since most people do know own a carbon monoxide detector and it is completely odorless. Without the alarm, you may never know there is a problem. This definately won't keep me from smoking the hookah but I will light my coals outside on a portable burner from now on.
with all that info, what part of the house is the alarm in? secondly, where di you smoke your hookahs and where did you start to fire up your coals?, thirdly at 2 am were yous till smoking?
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