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Default Re: Getting Ahold of Billy....

Nah, I'm not bitching, just overly excited. If I was bitching it would have been different, for example...

"Ok, i f%$^ing won this f%^&ing shit and all i f%$^ing wanted was my f%^$ing shit at the time i f^%&ing want it. Actually, it's been a week so just f^%& it, i don't even want it anymore. I hear QT's suck ball-sack anyway so you all can suck my d^%& cause i rather buy one than f%^&ing wait so damn long. F%^&. I go through all that work and i don't f%$^ing get any one damn f^%&ing thing in f%^&$ng return what the f^&% is this. I'm getting jipped! You are ripping me off! Do i have to pay for f%^&ing shipping too? Jesus F^&*ing Christ!"

Yet i didn't say anything like that. I'm sure any other one of you would be excited with a free hookah as well! And i have expressed my gratitude time after time. My friend and i love smoking from the Smaller Myas, and i sold my old one.

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