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Correct Seth, I just suggested that they may be he same, I didn't comfirm or deyn it. OPD may have nothing to do w/ the Gator fellow.

I'm just shocked at how fast people jumped at a "free" offer - I like free as well as the next person, but still, this is the internet. People in this day and age should know better and take precautions. When I contacted OPD, I did so differently from the forum and still did not give out all my full info.

This whole affair still puts me on guard - even w/ the sample and trying to honestly review it w/ no lean - I will state that the Smiley Shisha is improved, but not to the level OPD has exclaimed or boosted about. In my opnion, it still needs some work and isn't worth the outrageous price tag.

And refering back to OPD, I will state there was a letter included w/ his sample and it does reference to another website similar to the "published" one ..... that sorry-ingly has both the glass pipes back on it and the contiuned sky high prices.

I wish Smiley well on his attempt to market his products, but any resonable person should come to realization that the prices are not worth the products.
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