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Default Re: Getting Ahold of Billy....

14 F-Bombs will get you a ban Read rule #1 you have been warned. I understand you were trying to make a point but there are plenty of effective ways to make that point. Way to edit the post Dunkel, thanks for taking care of it.


Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Nah, I'm not bitching, just overly excited. If I was bitching it would have been different, for example...

"Ok, i f%$^ing won this f%^&ing shit and all i f%$^ing wanted was my f%^$ing shit at the time i f^%&ing want it. Actually, it's been a week so just f^%& it, i don't even want it anymore. I hear QT's suck ball-sack anyway so you all can suck my d^%& cause i rather buy one than f%^&ing wait so damn long. F%^&. I go through all that work and i don't f%$^ing get any one damn f^%&ing thing in f%^&$ng return what the f^&% is this. I'm getting jipped! You are ripping me off! Do i have to pay for f%^&ing shipping too? Jesus F^&*ing Christ!"

Yet i didn't say anything like that. I'm sure any other one of you would be excited with a free hookah as well! And i have expressed my gratitude time after time. My friend and i love smoking from the Smaller Myas, and i sold my old one.
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