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Default Re: Smallest funnel?

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
Very cool. Thanks all for the info.

John, on your site it only shows large funnels. What am I missing? And do you carry mods?
I tried to explain that once. I was excited becasue I found phunnels, They are the same that HC ( I am 99% certain) However I didn't realize that they area all different sizes until some guys here and Uglybiker in particular told me that they are all different. The truth is (again this is from my wholesaler) that these are hand made and all are different, and that apprears tru. I can say that my largest are 3" in diameter and the samllest are just under 2.75" I don't know what to say, tey do look hand made and no 2 are alike. At least I have posted pictures of my exact stock for the website and can measure htem for you. Also, you can always call in so we can discuss exact measurement when I am in the shop.
I was just outside using the one I chose to take home (black om top and white handle) with AF berry. I don't have a mod and don't carry them.
I just had to check the board for a couple of minutes while I changed bowls (this type is a huge clay Eqyption that is colored and can hold 50g, post pics soon) and now I am going back out to try apricot AF.
Sorry for the quick run on but I should answer questions better when I am more in the work mode. Cheers guys and thanks for asking.
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