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Default Finally placed a real order

I finally broke down and ordered a second hookah. I figured it was time to start expanding and create a collection. I wanted the MZ Oasis but it just couldn't be found(And believe me I tried). So went with the KM. Along with a few more goodies.
1 32" Khalil Mamoun On the Rocks (Hose: Red, Base: Red)
1 Khalil Mamoun Classic hose (Color: Brown)
1 Box Exoticas
1 100g HF Atomic Fireball(I love this flav)
2 250g Baja Khalua
1 250g Baja Orange
From various forum vendors. And I will be calling John tomorrow for a funnel and some AF Grenadine. I keep hearing abu going on about it and I love POM drink. All vendor and product reviews will definately be following. I can't wait.
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