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Originally Posted by abu ronin View Post
Ya' know, I like the fact that we ban folks when they get out of line, but it sucks that when someone gets something nice, they can't mention where they got it! Wolfstar, I've got an idea where this came from, but would you please PM me and let me know. thanks
There have only been 2 vendors banned here. It has been well documented who they are. If you must know where he got it from search the 2 banned vendors websites. It will be more than obvious where he got it from. I debated on whether or not to delete this post when it first was posted, but decided to leave it so wolfstar could share his excitement over his new rig.

The reason we do not want banned vendors mentioned is that they don't deserve any promotion or sales caused by Hookah Pro. They could not follow the rules and were therefore banned. No reason for us to continue putting money in their pocket when they couldn't follow simple rules after being warned many times. Sorry if this sounds like I'm mad, because I'm not. I just get tired of repeating myself.
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