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Default R.I.P. Plate Hookah

Ok here's the story about my awesome plate hookah, some of you should know some of this story though from the evil room where I gladly showed it off.

The hookah was a free thing that I won at the local hookah bar and it stood about 11" tall and the bases bottom diameter was only about 2" round so obviously it was very top heavy. So some of us came up with the idea to glue it to a plate, so I took out my hot glue gun and glued it.

Well then I stopped using it cause I won the awesome one from Mahir . And also as some of you know I am actually the president of a tobacco awareness group (obviously smokers are allowed so the group doesn't look bias against tobacco lol)

But anywho, we had this event today in the dining hall at my college and I brought the awesome plate hookah to show as a demonstration. I took my eye off of it for one second and the next thing I notice it was gone. Some stupid immature jacka$$ stole it right off the table.

Then I go around asking everyone if anyone has seen it. And next thing I know that I look in the direction of this group of boys, I actually graduated High School with and notice in one of their backpacks there is this round thing that looks just like the bottom of base. So I go ask them and of course they say they've never seen it but will tell me if it shows up.

So I call public safety and see if they can come and search this kid's bag and, by the time the public safety due gets there, the group of boys are gone. How ironic?? Well the public safety dude takes my information down and I report it stolen lol.

So yeah end of story, I am without my awesome plate hookah that ultimately was the worst hookah ever. So I laugh at the idiots who took it. In the pictures the hookah is not connected to the plate and of course I was smart and had the crappy hose with it and no bowl. Sorry they are kind of big pictures, they were taken, no lie, like 5 or 10 minutes before the bitches stole it lol...

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