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The HoboHookah's body is a solid piece of aluminum with a removable, interior tube that's made of stainless steel. Technically the Hobo doesn't use rubber, but rather plastic composites, which don't have a smell of their own and can withstand temperatures over 220 degrees F. The HoboHookah is enitrely dishwasher safe and built for durability in almost every situation.

As for the types of bottles, it will fit on a bottle with anything from 1.25 to 1.5 inches in diameter, which means most liquor bottles, nalgene narrow mouth bottles, and plastic soda bottles. It wont fit on beer bottles like the Witch, which with the wide availability of larger bottles which work better as hookah vases anyways, we didn't feel it was necessary. It will also fit on some regular hookah vases; it will fit on my MYA Diva vase, for instance.

As for the quality of smoke, Ive been smoking the HoboHookah pretty much exclusively for over a year now, and it is my favorite hookah. We are looking to setup some events in Boston, Chicago, NYC, DC, and Madison, WI in the next month, if anyone wants to try it out (or help us setup the launch events), send me a PM.

This is the Hobo on a Hypnotiq bottle. Thats a good looking hookah:
[img width=450 height=600][/img]
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