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Hello HH, nice to have your comments and I hope you post here regularly as this place has some great people.

First let me say that I hope my blunt criticism of your product has not given offense or that my position seems unfounded. Clearly I an old school traditionalist when it comes to narghiles and I am not very open to "mod" takes on the hobby. Still, I must compliment you on doing something adventurous and wish you luck.

With regard to "The Witch" you should know that the down-stem is primarily made of stainless steel rather then aluminum. The gauge is thin and the construction not that great but it is better then I expected (which was total crap) so that is worth noting.

Honestly I do have some serious reservations about the viability of the concept you have chosen to market.

My first concern is the stability of the rig as beverage bottles simply are not well suited to supporting weight above them with hot coals. Secondly, Some sort of flexible adapter is needed to deal with tipping which is very much an issue with something designed for portability. Next, Any ashtray would need to have a way to prevent ash and hot embers from causing troubles. Another concern is that standard bowls are not suited to being moved around and honestly any rig that is meant to be moved about needs to have some way to keep the coals from moving.

As to the quality of the smoking experience I have to be honest and say that I sincerely doubt that something so small can give a reasonably cool, high quality smoke. Obviously, I don't expect your product to perform as well as a well made Syrian or Egyptian rig but I've been very unhappy with the smaller rigs like the Mya QTs. Also, your price of $65 seems very steep when I think of what that money can buy in terms of conventional rigs.

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