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Default Re: The Witch

Although I love the idea of using a larger selection of bottles (I have a conac bottle w/ a lovely cat on it), I don't like these "transportable" hookahs.

I'm the clumsiest person alive - I would BURN the hell out of: myself, the carpet, anything around me and anyone near me. With no permanent tray or cover, it's a distater for my poor sorry self. As such, I would be terrified to try and use one of these.

Hookahs should be enjoyed, slowly and calmly. Running around w/ a hookah is basiclly turning it into a "fancy" ciggy. But, in a pinch or maybe traveling on vacation, I can see uses for these (Hobo's and Witch).

but... Perhaps it's my brain, but I don't see these hookahs used by people who enjoy the "art" of hookah, rather younger people looking for a quick and easy fun. And I can see the use of them wandering into areas that true Hookah'er wouldn't want assoicated with the hobbie...

My .04 cents

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