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Default Old fashioned packaging

During my last business trip I got about 2 kilos of a couple of different Al Buhturi flavours and mailed them off to people that told me they wanted to try them. When I bought it I got a kick out of how old fashioned shisha is packaged some times. When you go to the shisha shop they have a display case with the various flavours which you can smell and look at. Behind the counter they have little wooden or clay barrels that they store the shisha in. You tell the old guy behind the counter what you want and he asked you "how many days worth of smoke you need" and if you say 5 he takes a large clay bowl and scoops up some shisha, levels it with is his finger and dumps it on to some wax paper 5 times. He then asks if you will smoke it soon and when I said no he tied some string around it and poured wax all over the outside to seal it. He then slaps a little sticker on it with some Arabic that says what sort of shisha it is (some have a little company logo) and you pay him.

No boxes, no vacuum packs, plastic tubs just paper, wax and string.

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