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Default Re: Old fashioned packaging

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
that's such an awesome marketing idea! but i don't thinki'll make any money, wait a second, maybe your on to something! what if i did? ok, you set the wheels in motion, it could be like my own soup kitchen and i could be the soup nazi of shisha, NO SHISHA FOR YOU!
I think I meet the Shisha Nazi on another trip to Tyre about 3 years back. I went into a shop that had Najd in the title and it was owned by some grumpy Saudi guy. I heard he had great stuff and waited for about a hour to get into his shop. The owner asked some guy in line what sort of coals he uses and the guy said “Torch” (a quick light) and the owner yelled at him and told him to come back when he learned to smoke. Another guy in line was told to leave when he said he wanted something light and fruit tasting and the owner said “fruit is for children not smoking stay out of my shop”. The owner told a third customer that if didn’t like some brand he carries he had no sense and “should smoke nakhla with donkeys” or something to that effect.

The shop carried mostly jurak and black style shisha.
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