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Default New to Hookahs & Need a Pipe Recommendation

OK, so I am really quite new to the joys of Hookah and need to ask an opinion of all the local gurus.

But before we get started, a quick introduction to my first experience smoking a hookah: It was on a trip to Israel a few summers ago. There I sat in the middle of the Judean Desert, under a communal Bedouin tent, smoking from a new friend's narghile and passing around a bottle of domestically produced wine. Long story short, it was indeed magical, and something I will never forget.

Now here comes the crux of my question: I want to purchase a nice new narghile for myself, but which one?!?

Now I have put some thought into the matter and have come up with some specific requirements; I'm just hoping for input from others who have had the opportunity to smoke some of these pipes and deal with specific vendors (like I said, I'm new at all this...)

I would like the pipe to be classy looking, fairly traditional and built rock solid so it can provide many fine years of service. It has to look "pretty" too, or else my wife will make me hide it away from view lest it clash with the decor (please, no comments on that one!).

Right now I think I would like to have either a Syrian or Egyptian pipe. I have nothing against Mya's but just don't want one right this moment.

So here come some questions - Pretty please help!!!!

1 - How are the Syrians from jandrhookahs?

If what I'm reading on the review section of the board is right than this is one helluva good pipe. Does it beat a KM?

2- I haven't heard much about the Syrians from wo********* (aka DPG)
Anything I should know about them? Ex: the Forseti or the Zues
3 - Of course there is always a KM Tri-Metal
And the cute looking KM Hybrid
or, if you prefer, the KM Hybred

I suppose if there is anything else I am blatantly overlooking someone can give me a shout-out. Much appreciation to all that can help me in my quest.


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