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Thanks for your feedback everyone.

I have gotten a lot of feedback in regards to the look. It is non-traditional, and if a traditional style is the only main concern when picking a hookah, of course the Hobo is not the one to go for.

For your first concern around the use of beverage bottles, the witch, while using beer bottles or wine bottles, is very unstable, and thus you need the suction cup device in order for it not to tip over. The Hobo has a much lower center of gravity, so even on wine bottles it is considerably more stable; however, in a party situation or at home, it would make sense to use a larger rescepticle anyways. A 1.75L bottle filled half with water is very heavy, and is more volume than a typical hookah vase. Given the lower profile, the HoboHookah on a larger bottle is more stable than most larger hookahs. The Witch can't use these sizes of bottles.

As for the "transport, tray, hold the coals down" comments, honestly, we just build a crown with aluminum foil around the bowl (you can see this in most of our pics). Nothing fancier than that. As stated previously, you can add a tray (most standard trays will work) or you can add a mod bowl with the built in cover. We were going to add a cover, but they heat up too much and honestly, aren't as practicle as just building the crown around the bowl. The aluminum dissipated heat better, keeps the coal on the bowl and is easier to add additional coals.

Anyways, the quality aspect is something that will just have to come from trying it. When I first built a prototype, I was really surprised at how really well it smoked. Through experiementation, and in my opinion, the most important things for a good hookah are: Seal, quality of materials (especially over time), volume of reservoir and lastly height. My Hobo smoked a lot better than my 40" Egyptian hookah because my egyption hookah used crap materials and always had seal problems. Your right, that a really well made Egyptians hookah with all four of the above in spades will beat the Hobo in smoke quality, but the Hobo has the top three in spades, and that fourth "height" variable, in my opinion, comparing a Hobo to taller high quality hookahs, just isnt that important (a QT is not quality in my opinion). Also, which I think a lot of people over look, is that this thing is damn near indestructable. Which is nice if you absolutely always need a working hookah (or if you travel with it, checking a regular hookah at an airport is dicey).

Sammiamil: The purpose of the HoboHookah is to share the Hookah dream, with anyone, anywhere. Thats it. We wanted to make a smoke that will instantly convert first timers to hookah smoking (sadly the Witch seems to do the opposite). We also wanted something that people could actually take out of their homes and share with people they may have never met before, whether at the pub down the street or anyplace around the globe. Our hookah focuses on the inherent social aspects of the hookah. Thats whats important to us. I understand this isn't the way a lot of hookah affcionados look at hookah smoking.

I appologize for the long entry. Here are the picks I promised. This time I also used a Cloisonne hose and a standard Egyo bowl to show some of the versatility. The first pick is a tray I got at sitting "top side" (Galliano Liquor 1L), second is the same tray sitting "bottom side" (not sure why anyone would do this, but its different; Corralejo Tequila 1L), and the final one is the Witch's tray sitting top side (Sailor Jerry Rum 1.75L).

[img width=450 height=600][/img]
[img width=450 height=600][/img]
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