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Lightbulb Tastes like coal, what the hell?

Hey guys,

Here's what happened last night I bought a Layalina's purple grape and Starbuzz's sour apple. Both of them tasted good, thick smoke, it was great for the first 10 minutes. I'm almost positive everything was set up right: let the 3 kings coal light and ash before placing it on the bowl, lightly drop the tobacco in, and had it about three mm below the top of the bowl. I think it may be the coals because i bought those yesterday as well. They are the 3 kings QL's i believe they're the 40mm ones.

I was in my room, there was no wind. I have a junior sized hookah, 21", 2 hose. I even had a bunch of ice in the water. Water level was about .75" above the down stem.

Problem: After about ten minutes everytime I would take a pull it would taste like coal and burn. Please help everybody!!
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