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Default Re: New to Hookahs & Need a Pipe Recommendation

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
Hiya Rick, I am glad you made it over! I will give you my personal opinion on pipes. I love the KM and the MZ's. You cant go wrong with either. Check out some of our vendors whom are active on the board, you will get top notch customer service I guarantee it. www.*************.com and either will give you a great deal as well as some nice freebies. Let me know if you need anything.
Hey Huskysibe, great to be here! Thank you for the personal invite -- it means a lot. Also, I really appreciate the warm welcome from you and all the members of the forum. Thanks gang!

So here is where I stand after a bit of thinking (er, procrastinating, pondering, whatever...) I think I've gotten it narrowed down a little further. The big decision now seems to be between the 32" KM Tri-Metal and one of the 26 or 29" jandr Syrians (which seem to be quite popular around here).

I fully admit that I am not yet very experienced with Hookahs, but I do have a compulsion to keep all my toys clean and in good working condition (especially if I'm going to spend >$100 on them...) I figure that in actual terms of use, whatever hookah I get will be smoked approx. twice a week, with the occassional "hookah party" giving her much more attention.

Does one pipe vs. the other require a lot more user intervention/TLC to stay in good working order? Are there any questions or considerations I've just plain forgotten about?

I'm appreciating all the help and will hope to settle on a purchase sometime tomorrow or Friday.

Much thanks,


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