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Default just got a hookah!

Hey everyone, awesome site! Been a member here for a couple weeks now but have not posted anything yet so I decided to let you all know about the 'new' hookah I just got! I was introduced to the hookah during 1st year uni (last year) by my Israeli friend that I was living with on campus and I must say I loved it! From then on I had a sesh with my friends pretty much every night. However, after 1st year I never got to see my friend that often, which also meant I never got to see his hookah that often. So I stopped smoking hookah since the beginning of summer last year, until now.

A couple days ago, the same friend had called me up and he was packing his stuff up getting ready to move out of Uni (we lived in different residents this year) and he asked if I wanted his 'broken' hookah since he would be in Israel this summer, where he could get a hookah for dirt cheap. The problem with his hookah was the water would not bubble when you inhaled through the hose. So we messed around with it for a bit trying to figure out what was wrong and I noticed that the downstem had cracked and was slightly split open so we tried taping it up and it fixed the problem! He also gave me some coals, and a 50g box of shisha (nakhla mixed fruit *barf*).

I don't know if this is appropriate in this section of the forum, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me any extra tobacco that they have since I don't have a credit card yet and also I'm in Canada so shipping is hella expensive. I'll pretty much take anything (well, flavours that I like), except for nakhla since it gives me headaches. There is a site that accepts paypal, which is, however the site seems a bit sketchy to me (let me know if you've ordered from here or heard anything about it).

Anyways thats my 'first hookah' story for you guys, I'm still a bit of a noob but I have spent quite a bit of time reading the forums and have learned a lot.
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