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Default What part of the Majestic Hookah are you?

Greetings All, read this and let me know which one u r!! Have fun

[FONT=Tempus Sans ITC]
The charcoal screen
: this important part is associated with ones that are protectors‘……..they protect, yet are strong enough to hold up to the task at hand.

The coals
: Are you hot in the center, but warm on the outside? Do you keep things going, be it bad or good? Do you move in circles? This is your part.

The clay bowl:
if you are this part, you come in many shapes and sizes and are not one to be over looked. You stand out and like to be noticed.

The shisha
: If this is your part, you’re a shape shifter. You come in many flavors and are there to please. You can be mellow, spicy, sweet or tart. You decide the flavor you will be. But no matter what flavor you pursue, everyone always loves you.

The tray
: if this is your part, you are used to being the one who catches all the crap, but are still there afterwards to catch the rest of it. You are strong willed and forthright.

The shaft
: this main part of the majestic hookah describes ones that bring all the other parts together. You bond all and keep the peace. Without you, the hookah would not be complete.

The air valve
: This part is associated with ones that are dynamite in small packages! This part is small, yet plays a very big part in the construction of the hookah. Ones known by this part are quiet, well capped, and keep a lid on everything…….until they purge….then you better get out of the way!

The hose
: Are you flexible and laid back? Willing to help any and all? Then this is your part.

The vase
: Ones of the vase are very stable, secure in themselves, and solid. You keep the mood going and throw in a surprise or two.

The smoke
: mysterious, transparent at times, and have a free soul? Ones of the smoke leave their impressions upon us yet mysteriously disappear, only to leave their lasting memory with us. They soon return, but to leave once again.

The water
: Ones of the water are bubbly, smooth and the life of the party. Keeping us awed as the smoke mixes within the vase, the water giggles with every pull on the hose.
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