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Originally Posted by Sambooka
Nothing to forgive! You've gotta ask questions to learn!

Interesting, cuz I got Watermelon in a trade one time, and then traded that with someone else. I got the same thing, BBQ! Maybe it is just the Tangiers Watermelon? I am not opposed to it, I actually have some Kashmire Peach that I am going to try one of these days! I will definitely post a review when I do.

OK, to your question, I haven't tried much Tangiers (cuz of the Watermelon incident), but if I had to choose between your two choices. I would go with the Passionfruit.

Cymptom smokes Tangiers regularly, so he may jump in on this thread and give you his opinion. He is a very knowledgeable guy, especially with smoking Tangiers.

Are you only looking for Tangiers? cuz I can recommend some other shisha that is really good, depending on what you like. Let us konw what you like and maybe we can help ya come up with some flavors to try!

That was probably me you traded with on another forum hehe. I am not hell bent on Tangiers, and I am open to all brands/flavor suggestions. I like the fruity flavors I guess although I also like cola and chocomint. Thanks for the suggestions folks, I will look into some of those as well, whats Kashmere Peach like? Isnt Kashmere a spice right?

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