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Default Re: just got a hookah!

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Yeah be really careful about paypal and tobacco!

Congrats on the new free hookah, and fixing the air leak problem Hope ya find what you are looking for, I think there are a few members from Canada here, I know Sabz is ....

Hehe, I sure am. tiger-style whereabouts are you in Canada? I'm in Ontario, near the Niagara region. However I'll be moving to Toronto over the summer. The only shisha that is readily and easily available here, unfortunately is Nakhla. Some places carry Al Fakher as well, but you might have trouble finding a store that carries it. Also the lowest price I have seen for 250g of Nakhla is 15 dollars and that price can go all the way up to 30, and for Al Fakher the lowest I have seen is 25 dollars and that can even go up to 40 from what I have heard. So it can be a real drain on your wallet to buy anything here, except for coal. Usually the best coal you can find here is 3kings and it is available in a lot of random stores, you might get lucky and pick up come lump natural coals. But you will never find anything like Exoticas or CocoNaras. But I can get a box of 3kings for the same price as online and end up paying less for it because I wouldn't be paying for shipping. Generally though us Canadians have it rough when it comes to smoking shisha, your best bet is to buy stuff online. As long as you aren't getting raped on shipping, and your package is marked as a low value gift. Even then you might get screwed by brokerage etc. But that the shit we have to go through. Anyways this was a really long ass response. So yeah, this is a great forum and I hope you enjoy your stay here. You can always ask questions if you need to, most members here are pretty awesome. So good luck and keep smoking, and Welcome to HookahPro.

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