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Nice to heard from you HH,

You should know that I have obtained one of your rigs from a friend and I’ll have a review up tonight.

Reading what you have to say requires a response based upon my experiences. First I have been playing around with the witch by sticking it on different bottles and I’ve found that it can be stable if you use 1 3/4's litter liqueur bottles or litter plus wine bottles. Surprisingly, the thing does seal very well but I doubt it has the flexibility of your product.

As to the issue of the coals sliding around suppose making a big crown like you have from foil is an option but doing so requires a fair amount of foil and making one every time you use the thing strikes me as a hassle. Perhaps a bigger downside with the foil crown is that it does nothing to stop the coals from falling off the bowl but rather makes accidental burns less likely. Of course if your crown isn’t secured with electrical tape it has a pretty decent chance of coming of the stem.

You say that “the most important things for a good hookah are: Seal, quality of materials (especially over time), volume of reservoir and lastly height” and I can agree with you on that mostly.

I can’t say I find your comparison with traditional narghiles very convincing however.

As to stability of traditional narghiles I will say that poor quality rigs are made in Egypt and some of them are unstable. The junk peddled by Genuine Hookahs on ebay falls into this category although frankly I haven’t ever heard of stability problems with Egyptian rigs purchased from reputable vendors. In my experience, stability problems are far more common with miniature rigs and Chinese products that have “mod” bases that while colorful are poorly thought out.

As to height the truth is that very compact rigs give a poor quality smoking experience when compared with full sized rigs. I understand that a lot of people stick with miniature rigs because they are cheap and easy to store/move so a good basis of comparison for your product would be how it compares to various mini rigs on the market like the QT and the Bambino.

Your Egyptian sounds like a pretty bad rig yet I am not sure how good an idea it is to use it as base of comparison. Instead, if you wish to compare your product to full sized rigs in terms of smoking performance a single, poorly made Egyptian that never sealed well is a bad comparison no matter the height. Instead, it seems better to compare your product’s performance with what sort of Egyptian or Syrian rigs $65 can buy. I bought an excellent brass core Syrian for $65 so I think you’ll have some real competition at the price point you’ve chosen.

Of course, a traditionalist like myself is not your targeted market but a lot of quality rigs can be had for what you’re trying to sell the Hookah Hobo for so you’ve got your work cut out for you.
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