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Default Re: The Witch

I have to say is WOW.... I fell in love with the sailor jerry hobohookah. I love the sailorjerry bottle

As for the the product i am down with trying it out. I think they look cool. I see them being a major hit with college campuses especially since they always have liqour bottles hanging around to use and change the look

I think you are on to something. I like the style and though i love traditional hookahs, I wouldn't mind having one and testing out the rig myself. I think you've made something that a lot of people can enjoy and change out rather effortlessly when they get tired of looking at the same thing. Plus I dont mind going out and buying another bottle of liqour... hey hun it's for the HOOKAH!!! LOL

Glad to see you posting and hope you stick around I was delighted to see your comments and pictures Hope all is well for you in the future when the products drop.

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