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Originally Posted by hobohookah
You got your hands on a HoboHookah? hmm...They haven't shipped yet. Unless you have a prototype rig, in which case, your friends must be some of my friends...

We are shipping HoboHookahs on August 3rd. Only two people will have them before then, due to events they are attending.

Regardless, Im very excited to get them out there so people can know where they stand on build and smoking quality. The nice thing about a Hobo is that once you try one, you know that if you buy one, you will be getting that exact same hookah, look, quality and all. Its very hard to do this if you, say, wanted your friend's rig or a hookah that smoked like it.

PS The crown doesnt require any electrical tape, and they dont fall off. We have a couple videos on you tube demonstrating the crown construction:
This is the downside of trying to cook and and type the same time.

I'm afraid I screwed up in that I seemed to have misunderstood my friend Atiff who said he'd be bringing it over this evening. I am not sure how I got things so wrong but I did. What he actually said is that he plans on order one tonight. Sorry for the confusion.

Oh, thanks for the video, I will check it out shortly.

In any case glad to have you hear HH
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