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Default Evil Hookah Session


I got the shisha samples from SamB - danke lots. Decided to smoke a quick bowl before sitting down to work on some hose covers. Deicided to set-up and use my mini-hookah, the 17" Opal.

Set her up, used some Golden coals - figured I'd smoke the Orange Cream I've been wanting to so try for a while... had everything all good and then Murphy raised his head and ruined everything.

The bowl I used is tiny - uses about 10g. The hookah I was using has a THICK bowl grommet. With this bowl, normally is behaves - not last night! Twice... TWICE the bowl popped off and scattered the coal pieces EVERYWHERE on my coffee table (thankfully I was quick enough to prevent any damage).

Replaced the THICK grommet w/ a normal thin grommet - bowl FINALLY stayed put. *grumble* But, oh no - Murphy wasn't done with me yet.

Next, the hose that came with this hookah went iccky - it got modded to a DIY hose w/ a 5 foot section. The hookah came w/ a tiny black grommet for the hose, but I misplaced it somewhere. I used a normal grommet and finally got to sit down and smoke.

Then the WHOLE hookah tipped over becasue the HOSE was too heavy!

(insert massive stream of colorful explectives)

Fine - replaced it w/ my MYA washable - now the hose refuses to STAY in the port. Grommet is too small - (insert more colorful cussing)! Used a paper towel to seal the hose.... coals went out!

(picked up the hookah and almost threw it... almost)

Started new coal. Finally everything set-up and going.... got 20 min of good smoke before it was BURNT....

I gave up and kicked the hookah on the floor.... ((after removing the bowl and water)).... which it's still laying as of this morning. I've dropped this one from 6 feet and it's fine - I sit down to smoke something I've been wanting for awhile... and nothing works.


Although I only got 20 min to smoke, smoke like a chimmeny I did...

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