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Default Red spots?

Hey there I'm kinda freaking out because I see reddish spots in the down stem of my KM Hafa. Its toward the top where the bowl would go (It's inside the tube). It isnt steel or iron because I held magnets to it and there was no attraction and then I dropped a magnet down the tube to see if there were any rustables but it just fell out the bottom slowly due to lenz's law, as opposed to sticking to the walls showing that there are no magnetic metals. I searched in google brass "red spots" and it came up with something call dezincification or something along those lines. Is it something to worry about? Anyone with a brass hookah or info and brass help me out!

P.S. I use sambooka's method to clean out my hookah and I run plenty of water down it to make sure that there are no bits of Lemon juice or baking soda in there after I'm done.
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