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Default Re: Red spots?

there are ways to fix it but im not to sure the material or strength. some light abrasives may be able to get it off but tif you dont get it polished up well after that you may get more corrosion easily. a way to get rid of it (not sure if it would provide a perfect result or in the long run be a good choice so take it with a grain of salt, or in this case literally dont so you dont have more corrosion). but you could pour fine sand blasting sand down it until the corrosion has gotten sanded away, may take a while but you could just get a funnel (real funnel not the bowl) and just keep scooping it in to the funnel as it runs through.

o just remembered if you use flour after the sand it may polish it smother so you have less possibility to let it corrode

but you may have to be extra careful when you clean it to get it dry when your done

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