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Default Re: Have you ever tried... (4 different brands of shisha)


they got the Al Ajamy market up! I get 50g at a retail market for $1.49... 250's were $9.99? Lemme know how that peach treats you.... interested in others opinions on the brand.

Layalina Blackberry and Blueberry are slam dunks. If you like how Layalina smokes... then it wouldnt hurt to order heavy on those flavs... they are stellar. Watermelon... Orange and Fig were standout flavs too.

Nakhla Tropicana is very strong in flavor. I didnt care for it myself.... way to overpowering IMHO.... the smell of it is so strong just in the package that it permeated my other shisha stored near it.... made it smell and taste like Tropicana as well.

Sultan/Splash is NOT the same as Al-Sultan.

S/S is made int he USA. Al-Sultan is made in Jordan. (if you click on the 50g box of shisha you get a bigger pic and you can read on the lower left hand corner of the bottom of the box MADE IN JORDAN.)
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