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Default Re: whats the point?

Originally Posted by Davis18 View Post
cigs are addicting

my mom went to a quit smoking class like 7 years ago....and they gave her a list on what was actually in cigs and you wouldent believe some of the stuff thats in there not to mention they taste like shitttttttt.....i used to smoke cigs with my friends all the time in high school now i cant stand to even take a drag off of one i hate them and plus when ur out of money you might want to smoke hookah but its not like ur dieing to have one like you would if ur addicted to im sure hookah is 1000000x better for you than cigs its just going to take a study by people that want to find the truth and not all these professers that know nothing about hookah to find out
there was one study that was very unbiased thats been floating around that shows there was a lot more "Tar" but then they say something to the affect of but "tar" is anything other than the nicotine that comes out and the "tar"from a hookah is a lot different and probably not any where near as bad since it is not burning the tobacco.

and to the OP. if they (who ever the they might be) have to ask why, they wouldnt understand, but getting you own is a more economical solution but it may not provide the same ambiance you have at a lounge

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