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Angry Re: Do you think Hookahs is a temporary trend or the beginning of the futur

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
One problem i've noticed is that Hookahs have been synonymous with drug users, and i can't stand it. I think this could be it's one downfall.
I can't stand it either!

Lets hope hookahs are still legal in 5 years. I hope so, but I have a
bad feeling. I think I'd better start learning to make shisha, just in case.
A friend of mine has already had a run in with police over his hookah.
The police in my town are more concerned with the town's "image" than
they are about a citizen's civil liberties. Hookah smoking in public is
frowned on in my town. We should have equal treatment as other
tobacco smokers. I felt like I was being treated like a second class
citizen when I smoked cigars or my pipe in public. I remember before
NJ's smoking ban you could smoke cigarettes in public establishments
indoor or out provided there was a non-smoking section, but forget it
if you tried to light up a cigar or pipe. Now that I have added hookah
to my smoking I feel that I'm treated like a third class citizen.

Has anyone here been harassed for smoking in public?
Maybe I should have posted this as a different thread, "smoking in public"?
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