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Default Re: Do you think Hookahs is a temporary trend or the beginning of the futur

I am glad this thread resurfaced. I have had some more thoughts along this line.

A question I have is: "Will hookah survive the fad?"

What I mean is, this hookah thing has gotten bigger in the West, and with it comes Western takes on hookah to fit Western lifestyles.

IF you look at what it happening to hookahs because of the popularity, you'll see that the hookah is what is evolving. Western smokers for the better part arent conforming themselves around the the hookah...they are rather making the hookah conform to them. Basically making a hookah that serves the current fast paced lifestyle instead.

Lets take a look, shall we? About 5 years ago, you had traditional hookahs to choose from...and the bigger Mya's that broke down and fit in a case. The Mya hookahs at the time were the most modern thing you could get.... simply because you could break it down and it was "good on the go". This was popular because Westerners are to and fro kind of people. Then a few years back the QT was introdiced and the "Micro-Hookah" revolution was born. The QT's and "pumpkins" were a great marketing ploy for the west as the hookah was more portable and less trouble to clean and maintain. The smallness of the new hookahs were also favorable as they were easier to hide from parents and Dorm RA's. Smaller hookahs are aslo favorable with the "head" set as they are easier to conceal/store.

The Chinese jumped all over this small hookah thing and and you literally trip over these cheaply made "minis" everytime you go to look for tradition kit. Theres little LED lights in em now...and fake fish tank.... etc... The curvy lines, majestic height and polished metals....hand made glass are giving away to plastic moldings and bad chrome dips.

Now the idea is to improve hookah portability and ease even greater with the Leila (spl?). Sure they might smoke well..... but is that a hookah?! Well sure it is... but it looks like a thermos with a hose on it, LOL.

Where will the western need take the device. We like shisha.... but how much will we contort the device to smoke it "easier"?

Will the device....the HOOKAH survive the fad?
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