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Default Re: Do you think Hookahs is a temporary trend or the beginning of the futur

in most things i get into i am spanning the old and the new. ive gotten into knife making and wanting to collect and enjoy a traditional shape and look but i like it to be slightly modernized. ive been doing native american dance for 7 years now and i am doing a modern style that is what natives are doing out west now and changing but it is still traditional in its roots. in paintball i like a marker that can shoot a lot of paintballs and is light weight (the modern trends) but i dont want to use electronic markers and like the simpler older designs.

so with that being said i see the place for the traditional hookahs and the place for the modern ones. while most of the design changes are ascetic except for a few small more hidden things i dont really see a huge decline in tradition. there will always be those that want good quality traditional, good quality modern, and then the what ever works or what ever looks cool.

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