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Default Re: Have you ever tried... (4 different brands of shisha)

just tried the al sultan cola,

Really didn't like that it came in a little box that came apart immediately. If I buy 250 grams of any shisha, I want it in a tub. I don't want to have waste time to put it in a mason jar.

The Shisha was somewhat dry, and as I look at the bottom of the jar, theres very little shisha-juice at the bottom. It provides very little smoke which isn't really what you want from a cola flavored shisha, you want a strong robust flavor. Cola is normally a great mixer, but al sultan cola tastes seemingly useless for blends.

The sultan peppermint was good in that the light smoke and taste complimented itself to make a pleasurable smoking experience, al sultan cola is a huge letdown. It has the general clove like taste but lacks any power.

Before smoking it alone, I mixed it with some other shisha that I thought would make a good combo, it was terrible. The al sultan cola seems to have the touch of death.

This is the last time I waste money on al sultan. If sultan is the same producers of sultan, I will probably not venture past peppermint. If you want a strong cola thats a good mixer, al waha cola is much better and comes in tubs.
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