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Default Re: whats the point?

Originally Posted by BigChris07 View Post
every time i go to my local hookah cafe im always asked the question "why go pay 15 bucks to smoke something when i can give you a cigarette for free?" and every time im asked this question i cant seem to find an answer, do you people have any

I would tell them this:
A cigarette is just a smoke, a hookah is an experience!!!

I have not been smoking hookah very long, nor have I ever been to an
establishment that caters to hookah smokers, but in this short time
I have come to see the difference between hookah and other smoking.
Hookah is special, it is so much more relaxing than my pipe or my cigars.
When I was a young child I remember a national geographic in my house
from the 1920's, it had a black & white photo of old men sitting in a cafe
in Jerusalem smoking hookahs. I remember wondering why where they
smoking from those strange hoses and bottles.
Now I understand. I still have that National Geographic, LOL!

I also enjoy setting up my hookah with friends, it makes it even so
much more of a social activity. I even enjoy cleaning my hookah too.
You take the time to set it up, you take the time to smoke it, you
take the time to clean it, and all the while you really don't worry about
the time.
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