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Default Re: I want a larger Hookah

Hello HS, I look forward to hearing what you have to say here. When it comes to smoke quality height is extremely important in that shorter rigs tend to produce hotter, harsher smoke and give you more CO2. The flip side is that when I narghile gets to be too tall it becomes hard to get a decent draw. As a practical matter I have found that the ideal hight seems to be between roughly 67cm and 87cm. I have never been happy with the smoke quality from a rig under 62.5cm or over 92cm.

When you look for a narghile what you should be concerned with most of all is build quality. You will spend a lot on shisha and coals over the course of the next couple of years so it's a fool's economy to save money by buying cheaper rig. Don't think you'll find much, if anything, worth owning for less then $80.

As to Syrian and Egyptian narghiles I would say that on the whole Syrian stuff is better made and the issue of head style is not much of an issue at all. You do need something with a solid, thick brass core wrapped in stainless steel for longevity. In terms of brands for Egyptians El Ashrey and Kahil Mammon are both excellent. In terms of Syrians Arabica Sous is great and Hookahs etc has some good stuff as well. Drop me a line if need contact info for some good suppliers and who to stay away from. Avoid ebay and anything Chinese.
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