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Default Re: Do you think Hookahs is a temporary trend or the beginning of the futur

In the countries that narghiles traditionally have been used they will always be a big part of the culture.

In the Occident narghiles are basically a hipster/trendy thing and like all trends they will shrivel up but not die out. Give it 3 years or so and I'd be willing to bet that 60-80% of the people that do it now will give up on it. The reason is that right now it's basically college kids (obviously people like me are an exception) and most people have to work 60+ hours to make ends meet and they simply will not have the time to set up, smoke and clean a rig. Besides, when ever the next trendy thing comes along that will suck up the college kids' money and time. Lastly, the American economy is tanking big time and all indications are that it will get worse for the foreseeable future which means most people will have less for pleasures like video games, music, clubbing and shisha.
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