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Default From today on, im boycotting Hookah Company

What has happened to me in the past month is complete bull, mostly due to this vendor.

About a month i ordered a KM Mash'al. It came in a good amount of time and everything was nicely packaged, okay good start.
The first session lasted 5 hours and i used the ice chamber for the whole time, and it worked like a charm. only problem is there was a crack in the welding holding it on, so water got into the core of the stem!

Emailed them, they said they couldnt replace it because it had been used, even though the faulty part was only touched by ice and water. they instead offered to TRY and fix it, if i paid shipping to send it. nope didnt bother to do it for free. i said screw it, i can weld myself thanks.

And today, while getting ready for a session the base basically shattered!!
I had enough water in the bottom so that when ice hit the bottom if it did it would be so minor it wouldn't be a problem. Room temperature water and base, 3 ice cubes into the base the bottom basically shatters. I emailed them demanding a replacement, though the likelihood is slim to none, considering they dont have mash'als on the site anymore.

The point of this at this moment in time is a way to vent, and to ward people off from this company. They carry the biggest variety of shisha and some of the nicest hookahs on the market (behind billy of course) but their customer service is CRAP! Whatever you do DO NOT go to this vendor! if something goes wrong they will screw you over! go to someone that will actually treat you right, like billy or tarik and ramsey!

this is the end of my rant....for now. ill update when more comes up...
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