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Default Re: I want a larger Hookah

Suggestions are all based on opinions on what that particular forum member has personally tried. Most members here only own 2-3 hookahs and wouldn't know the difference between one hookah or the other. Most people only go by whether it says "MYA" on the box.

Egyptians vs. Syrians. Tough...but personally, I'd go with a Syrian. Most people would say the same thing, but have no reason behind it. Syrians, as Sammi said, are usually solid brass with stainless steel plating. These will last a ton longer than Egyptians, which are usually stainless steel, tin, or aluminum. Another advantage to Syrians, some are able to completely disassemble, making it very easy to clean and put away in storeage or even take with you on trips. Egyptians are usually 1 long brass tube, decorated with 2-6 Stainless steel pieces welded together. They almost never are able to be disassembled. Also, because they are in fact almost always welded together, this leaves the ability for the welds to weaken and eventually fall apart. Syrians like I said are usually solid brass...1 large cast piece, or several smaller pieces that can screw on or off. Either way, the Syrian way is better. Syrians also tend to have thicker glass (the true Syrians) and usually these vases are much nicer and much more decorative. On top of all this, is the comparison of the "heart" of these hookahs.

The heart is where the smoke gets drawn from. The hose port and blow off is connected to the heart. At the bottom of the heart are holes. Holes for air being drawn, and holes for air being blow out. Syrians typically have 2 holes, just as Egyptians, but Nicer Syrians have 4 holes. More holes = more smoke = better sessions = better flavor. It all adds up. The Syrians I carry have 4 holes, and I must admit, they smoke better than any other hookahs I have ever sold/tried.

I hope this helped...
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