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Default Re: I want a larger Hookah

My friend Jimmy made a lot of good points and, for the most part, I agree with him. Glass quality is a big deal in that not only should the glass be thick but it should have uniform colour and no bubbles as those reduce the life of the glass.

Until my last move I owned something like 30 narghiles which were lost/destroyed due to the incompetence/stupidity of the haulage firm I used. A great many were irreplaceable antiques although a few were modern. While I would agree that for the most part Syrian stuff is better the best of what Egypt has to offer is excellent. I should also mention that Persian and Lebanese products are also quite good in general although the latter is very much like Syrian products. I have no experience with modern Turkish stuff save my one custom made item (which is great except that it's a bitch to clean) and no knowledge of Indian products.

Keep in mind the height issue as it really does effect smoke quality in a dramatic fashion.
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