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Default The past week of my life...

I've never smoked so much hookah haha. Me and my friend have been smoking about 6-8 bowls a day lol.

Here are some pictures of our current setup:

The setup!

KM Tri-Metal

Mya Threepio

Mya Bambino (We we're getting ready to pack a bowl of Tangiers )

and... The tobacco

We have... Nakhla Mojito, Starbuzz Peaches and Cream, Starbuzz X on the beach, Starbuzz Kiwi Strawberry, Nakhla Chocolate Mint (In the Al Fakher watermelon tub), Fusion White Peach, Fusion Sweet Melon, Al Fakher Mint, Al Faker Eskandari, Tangiers Tropical Revenge, Green Apple, and Passion Fruit. Missed a picture of the 500g of Horchata F-line but we smoked it all already :P
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