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It all looks just like an electric heater. Just like coals, it heats the tobacco to a certain temperature, which causes the glycerine to smoke up. In Saudi Arabia, all hookah bars use the electric heater (their first product on that page). They work well, but they take a little getting use to (getting the temp right can be a problem). Im not certain what the mechanism a vaporizer uses, but Im pretty sure it uses water vapor to convert the substance to smoke (or steam/smoke). I dont believe thats how these heaters work.

As for the All In One hookah with heater: Pretty interesting. Looks like R2-D2, heh. Anyways, I'd wonder if that apparatus would heat up the whole Hookah, like the stem and the liquid, creating an unrefreshing smoke.

Id love to hear from anyone who has tried that thing. He must be selling them to someone.
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