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Default Re: Thanks to the great members of this board!

Originally Posted by Akira81386 View Post
I've never had a problem with HC
I'll will admit that they are getting a bit prone to making mistakes (really fairly benign ones in my case, but still frustrating), it must be said however that every time I call the company they are professional and offer suggestions or refunds to compensate for their error and my time.

Not sure how big Hookah Company actually is (fairly large I would assume owing to their great and varied amount of product on hand). Trying to hire, train and retain good people for the inventory and packing/shipping department is a real PITA. The worst part of running ANY business is personnel issues.

I give them a little slack and still order from HC. They have done right by me so far. Hopefully they will get everything worked out in the near future and be back to running at 100%

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