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i dont know man i just set mine up and i could not taste much of anything i smoked watermelon flavor and it was a vary faint was my first time setting up a hookah i had exotica coals and i packed the bowl while watching a video on how to do it..i started with 1 coal on the rim and i could not taste much then i put a homemade wind cover on and i had huge clouds but not much flavor then i tried 2 and then 2 with the wind cover and i could not get much taste when i was done i lifted up the foil and there was a little on the bottom of the foil there was a little burning going on on the im prolly going to have to mess with the way i put the coals and with a different flavor to make sure might just be i don't like the flavor but it also might be me which i am sure it is....but over all my first setup was a failure but im going to keep trying till i get it right....the tobacco smelt amazing tho so i was expecting big flavor..if anyone has any tips on the placement and amount of coals it would be helpful

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