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Default Re: Smoking Does Not Cause Cancer! (A Classic Scientific Article)

Originally Posted by ghostofdavid
Smoking doesn't cause cancer? It sure as hell doesn't prevent it.

True enough but then I doubt anyone would claim as much. The points to recall are:

A) The risks associated with tobacco use have been drastically overstated.
B) The supposed public and personal risks of tobacco use are propped up by pseudo science, a well funded anti-tobacco industry, government regulation/taxation and a biased media.
C) What almost everyone thinks about the subject is not supported by soundly applied empirical method.

What was not stated but should be noticed in any case is that politically motived junk science is used as a justification to force us to pay higher prices for tobacco products, ban public smoking and demonize our hobby.

Allowing truisms based upon faulty methodology to stand as fact in one area (like tobacco) has will bring higher taxes, regulation and less control over our lives in other areas as well.
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