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If you want a brush set that straight out beats any of the ones you can buy from an online hookah vendor here is what you need to do.

Go to your local Wal-Mart/K-Mart/Sporting Goods Store, etc. and purchase a "universal gun cleaning kit" -- make sure it is set up for pistols, rifles, and shotguns). This whole set up will cost you ~10.00 - 12.00. It should include a lot of accessories and some small scrubby looking things. Following where I'm going with this... Also pick up some 100% cotton "patches" while you are there.

Now, the "ram rod" should come in three pieces and be made of brass or aluminum (doesn't matter) - one piece with a handle and 2 screw-on extensions. Perfect! you can custom tailor the length depending on the size of the hookah you are cleaning. From 10" pumpkin to 35" Egyptian you'll be the bad-ass on the block, able to scrub the entire length of your hookah stem in a single pass. How kick ass is that!

For best leverage, start by just using the short rod with the handle attached. Screw on the bronze brush marked ".22" This will give you good leverage to clean inside the pipes of the blow-off tube and the hose port from the bottom. If the holes are a little bigger, then just trade up in size of scrubber until you find the right one. There should be some resistance, just not a lot, ok.

To clean the top/opening side of the hose port again just use the short piece with the handle. Attach the brush marked ".40 or .44 or .45" never can tell what they are going to give you. Twirl, jimmy, and work up a sweat getting this bad boy all around the inside of the hose port end and don't be afraid to muscle it down there a little bit. The brush can and will bend, but this will not damage it permanently (just requires a pliers to straighten it back out). I have done this on numerous occasions and make no promises that you won't be the super-duper luck 1-in-100,000,000 customer to find a faulty weld and snap or separate something. Just use common sense and a gentle touch. You're cleaning it after all, not beating it like it owes you money!

Finally to clean the stem, remove the scrubby end from short handle. Attach the 2 additional pieces that came in the kit to make yourself one super long hookah scrubber. Now start by using the .40 or .44 or .45 brush that came with the kit (it's won't fit snugly, but will loosen up large bits of grime. Rinse out the stem. If you have one, switch the brush to a "20/28 gauge shotgun brush". This will most probably require a special little bronze adapter to attach it to your "ram rod" but don't worry, it is supplied in the kit. Wet the shotgun brush, sprinkle it liberally with baking soda, and gently ease it into the stem. At first there will be some resistance so choke up close to the brush to guide it in. Gently push it all the way through until it literally pops out the other end. Now, just pull it back towards you. Do this 6 or 8 times then rinse out the stem. (word of warning: do not try to pause mid-way through pushing this large brush through the stem and backing it out. you need to push it all the way through and then either remove it or pull it back towards you. no going half way, OK?)

I have used this method on multiple hookahs (mine and friends) with both brass and stainless stems and have not yet seem to have experienced any problems. Please do not construe this as any type of implied warranty or guarantee or satisfaction. And probably to CMA, always make sure your hookah is UNLOADED before attempting to disassemble or clean it - we don't want any accidents!.

While you are at the sports store (etc. / whatever) you can also look for nylon brushes for quickie cleanings when the pipe isn't that crudded up. I was forced to use the phospho-bronze when I first got my MZ because they used a corrosive cleaner/flux/whatever on the weld line and I had rust in my brand new honey-bunny hookah.

Best of luck all and let me know how it works out for you!

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