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Default Re: Broke My MYA Bowl

I cant think of one that has that depth on it like a MYA without being really wide....

One bowl I can recommend is the Social Smoke bowls. The inside of them have a flat bottom like a traditional Egyptian bowl.... I have a medium... and its still slightly largish for me. (I am a solo smoker)

Earlier this year ( I think ) , I was at Scalli's house and Ali and Jeff from SS were here showcasing the new bowls... they said they were cooking up a smaller bowl sometime soon.... havent seen it on the website.... but they might have a few 1st run protos laying around... you'd have to email em and see if they have em if you were interested.....something I have been meaning to do myself.

Anyway.... that line of bowls are really nice and well made... basically a better mousetrap based on an original/ traditional design.... without re-inventing the wheel.

I wish Tangiers would run a line of smaller and slightly deeper bowls without all the bells and whistles.... his bowls are really quality stuff.... I just dont care for the whiz-bang goofery.
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