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Default Re: Where have you smoked your hookah?

Originally Posted by ilyad View Post
When Im bored of smoking indoors, I used to take my little hookah (small Egyptian that I no longer own) to our local Coffee Bean.

It was always fun to see police and firemen approaching you with a confused look no their face. Every time I would go to a coffee shop, dozens of people would ask me wheter the coffee shop rents hookahs, and every time I would tell them to just go inside and ask Eventually the employees got tired of explaining to customers that they dont rent hookahs and I brought my own.
mrMojo & I work work for Coffee Bean =] I wish someone would smoke hookah on our patio.

Back on topic. I haven't smoked anywhere interesting. The first time was with my friends in a friends garage. I've smoked at the bf's house, at his aunts house...annnd friends houses. Nothing too exciting. But I'll let you know when that changes.
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